April 4, 2023

Mindbend Podcast With Matthew Dunehoo

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Acacea Kailen Lewis is the Founder and Teacher of The Divine Master Alchemy school for Entheogenic Cultural Literacy and Ethnobotanical Naturopathy. I met her at the first Awakening of Consciousness Conference, from the Psychedelic Institute, held here in Los Angeles on September 30th, 2022. She was featured as a speaker on a number of panels. I was enrapt, listening to Acacea share her knowledge with such candor, clarity and scientific scholarship.  Acaea has processed intense pain and joy in her life and reflects upon it with reverence and humor. A true psychedelic investigator, she was also a student of Kilindi Iyi, himself a student teacher and advocate for the hallucinogenic experience as an explorer and researcher of high-dose psilocybin mushroom journeys.  It was one of her comments about something Kilinidi had said, about there often being no hard and fast delineation between the natural, and the supernatural in Africa, that really resonated for me. Supernatural is a term that I've always been interested in, and many of the anecdotes she shared with me, of her own experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness, have an otherworldly/supernatural feel. Most importantly, Acacea's brilliance and love shine exceptionally bright through her message, which centers around the necessity of understanding how to properly honor, evaluate and process the many facets of the psychedelic experience. Follow Acacea Kailen Lewis IG @acacea_lewis Website: linktr.ee/acacea