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What is Divine Master Alchemy?

A Wise man once told me that," you are a traveller' But what does travelling really mean? What actions constitute travelling? I think that "Moving" from one place to another, constitutes travel to me. Even if that traveling has no apparent external qualities. Traveling within the mind happens on a neuronal level from the signaling that takes place though, nothing is physically moved… you may feel moved "spiritually". 

The biggest argument I hear, that the psilocybin mushroom's hallucinatory state is defined by different activities. that take place inside our minds. Any implication that we can travel outside of this predefined "mental space" is reduced to mere pseudo scientific claim.

Divine Master Alchemy is a technique I named but what makes Divine Master Alchemy an alchemy is not so much that there is any Mastery, indeed honoring the mystery of what we study; but taking into consideration that we use the myths and logos of the ancients alongside entheogens to decode how other plant medicines with ancient stories were used originally by the masters of their time. We also focus on how we, as students of Divine Master Truth or DMT containing Entheogens, can learn how to use these Entheogens as a suitable tool or network, to activate and learn from their wisdom, safely, respectfully and with gratitude from what their spirits/intelligences have to offer. Debunking pseudoscience while at the same time making space for and honoring the "magic" of altered states of consciousness to be honored as a sacred activity rather than considering it metaphysics strictly. 

Our students use peer reviewed and cited research and ancient stories, books and records to discuss and analyze the potential use of dozens of sacred plants for healing purposes. To Acacea, the quantum realms are also "spiritual", and it is her mission to bring ancient and modern indigenous techniques to light, using Entheogens with healing medicines as the ancients did. You might be saying, who can prove that! And the truth is we can't say that we have cold hard proof but mainly that the suggestions and likelihood of the multitude of proof outweighs the lack of evidence…theres so much evidence in fact there are several dozen books worth on single areas of the world. Also the descendants of the ancients can be considered a sort of expert witness having the oral traditions passed from mouth to ear since time immemorable, and so can texts and artifacts  from a multitude of traditions, point to the truth that entheogens played some part in the spiritual and scientific evolution of mankind. 

What about quantum physics?
How is that related at all?

A quote from Paul Levy on Science and Nonduality states "Quantum physics’s return to metaphysics was inevitable, for physics began with the gnostic search for what Einstein calls the “Old One” behind all phenomena. To mainstream physics, however, the word “metaphysics” is now akin to a swear-word, a synonym for “loose thinking,” a code-word for unscientific thought. In modern physics as it is commonly practiced today, being “metaphysical” is used as a derogatory euphemism for condemning a theory which doesn’t fit into the common, agreed-upon consensus framework. It is as if the perspective of contemporary conventional physics wants to “purify” its discipline from the stain of metaphysics. Mainstream physics claims it is not interested in metaphysics, asserting that it makes no metaphysical assumptions, as it is only interested in seeing reality as it is. Yet, hidden within this very viewpoint is, paradoxically, a tacit form of metaphysics. This metaphysics lies in the unexamined assumptions implicit in the perspective that physics makes about the nature of reality, assumptions so implicit as to be not even recognized as assumptions. The spirit of quantum physics, however, challenges the underlying and unexamined metaphysical assumptions of mainstream physics, at the same time providing the doorway for a radical new form of metaphysics to emerge."

As a student of physics I resonant deeply with this quote stated above… I feel that if more physicists and mathematicians worked with psychedelics, we could start to potentially build a common way of speaking about the nature of our world on an experiential scale of principles, that also are Inclusive of spirituality. The problem today is that they speak too languages that have some potential cross over but neither spirituality or science will admit the other one is right. 

Anthropology Research: 

Acacea’s research is inclusive of but not limited to: the Fang of Gabon, Bwiti, Fulani, Berber, Ancient peoples from the land of Punt, Khem, Kemet, Bedouin shamans of the desert, Taoist, Daoist,  Ancient Chinese Medicine, Ancient Vedic, Tamil, Sumerian, Zorastrian, South African Sangoma Medicine, Ahmen of the Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Olmec, Chavin, and Maltese, crossparalleling histories, narratives and cultural uses of Entheogenic and non-Entheogenic medicinal substances. One herb can have two dozen names and a hundred uses across multiple civilizations and time periods, we study the multitude of history so we can view an herb or Entheogen from a 360 degree perspective. Our symbol is the ostrich feather, symbolizing this knowledge, and our connection to the ancestors.

In this class we discuss:

  1. Ancestral Cultures and Entheogens
  2. Links to Traditional Uses of Plant Medicineand much more, with dozens of fully cited professional medical, anthropological and entheogenic research.
  3. And much more, with dozens of fully cited professional medical, anthropological and entheogenic research.

What platform is it on? This class will be presented via Kajabi instead of Zoom to make it easier for students to access and participate via a downloadable app.

We will record 3 weekly classes and provide 2 homework assignments per week. (4-5hr commitment weekly) 

The cost is $4.44 per hour

A sustainable dose of knowledge for the price of your morning cuppa tea or coffee.

This class requires a one month, or 3 month commitment minimum. Six months is a full semester and will potentially grant eligibility to take more advanced course. Total semester commitment is $2300 and $2900 (if including materials, books and supplies for workshops) but payment plans are available tentatively for one and 3 month long classes. 

  • One month of classes is $444. 
  • Three months of classes is $999 (30% off monthly price, saves $333.) 
  • Six months of classes is $2222 without materials shipped. 
  • Materials for study, including all plant, fungi and books and publications is $2900.

20% of donations go to building our Researchers Hands-On learning Station, RHLS for Permaculture in Oaxaca Mexico 

10% will go back towards supporting Plant Medicine Indigenous Leadership in San Jose Del Pacifico in Mexico. 

*Scholarship applications for 10 slots available in December for consideration, email for more information.

**We accept Volunteers as well as Paid Teaching opportunities** Fill out the contact form for more details. 

This program is nonrefundable

$250 to reserve your Seat for 2024. Total required after deposit is $150 due December 31st 2023. We accept payments via Stripe. 

Disclaimer: This is not a certification program, this is an educational platform for cultivation depth in the realm of plant medicine... Once you graduate from any of our programs continued support will be provided. This program is nonrefundable and a minimum deposit of $250 and ($150 for class retreat in June ) is required to save a one-month seat Jan 2024- February 2024.

Divine Master Alchemy

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A sustainable dose of knowledge for the price of your morning cuppa tea or coffee.

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