who am i?

Acacea Lewis is a Student, Researcher and Alchemist of Herbal and Entheogenic Medicines

Early in her development as an aspiring Physicist, she took her academic perspectives of science to the mushroom, in order to learn more expansive first hand information about the quantum hyper dimensional realms and the multiverse of plants, animals, and fungi we live in. Acacea left  the academic world primarily due to the lack of diversity/opportunities to perform academic level consciousness based scientific research. As a result, she is now working alongside her peers and students in Divine Master Alchemy classes, helping spread her continued research on the science of consciousness, ancestral healing, genetic reprogramming, and the history of ancient and modern civilizations that use plants, zooneirogica and fungi as medicines, sacraments, and healing tools.

my personal philosophy

I have observed that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but in the awareness of the beholder.

It has been said that “man cannot live on bread alone”, my work is geared towards you travelers, explorers, visonaries and those who believe that statement to be true, and have the motivation to not only recognize that there is something more to consciousness than what we can see, but also seek to explore consciousness for yourselves. The latter part of that quote can be interpreted “ Rather he lives on every word that comes from the mouth of the Eternal one”.

I utilize all techniques accessible to me, from sitting, walking, praying, meditation, sacred plants, and many other practices including entheogens, to tap into the eternal infinite source and learn more about consciousness itself. The work that I am doing now is not to convince others or to prove to mankind that divine wisdom inside of consciousness exists, it is to share the path that I have chosen forward, to seek wisdom… and to hold space and be present for others would like to do the same.

My connection to source has led me into spaces and novel states of consciousness, sometimes with entheogens but mostly without… that can at times be described similarly to the words of Martin Buber, which state: “It is an ascent to the infinite from rung to rung. To find God means to find the way without end…” Today, I am working to help expose ever deeper and deeper layers of context embedded in prehistory, cultural anthropology, and imprinted on the natural world around us that lead to exposing the infinite nature of our multiverse and to hold space for others as they discover the vast expanse of infinite depth revealing fractal reflections all along the way.

Cultivating depth is what this website is geared towards… from sharing the stories indigenous communities that I live amongst in Oaxaca, scientific research, to my own thoughts and musings about the nature of reality. I hope that my personal thoughts can benefit you.  For me, it’s the lens of perception which defines the view, consistent focus on expansion of depth brings forth clarity and also expands awareness.  My work is geared to assisting those on the journey to an expanded awareness thru research and soujourns with and without entheogens.

I am a researcher and lifelong student of one specific entheogen, the sacred psilocybin mushroom. I have experience working with many other plants, herbs and ethnobotanicals, but my focus is to share techniques with all of you who would like to cultivate a level of depth within the experience of novel states of consciousness accessed via entheogens. I personally utilize wulong tea, martial arts, chess and psilocybin mushrooms as a part of my personal practice to explore and expand my integration of these novel states of consciousness. I will be sharing blog posts from many different disciplines and also updates from my teachers and articles on the topic of entheogenic use. This website is for anyone who is interested in utilizing entheogens and for anyone in a laboratory, therapeutic or indigenous setting and everything in between, to access my work and the work of others that inspire me.

— Acacea Lewis

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