Ethics Pledge

I have taken the North Star Psychedelic Ethics Pledge to continue holding honorable space within our community. I encourage everyone to take this pledge to promote safe space in our community. 

  1. Start within: I pledge to ground my work in the field with work on myself, and to treat personal growth as a lifelong process.
  2. Study the traditions: I pledge to grow my knowledge of the history of psychedelics and their many traditions of use, in a good-faith effort to appreciate both the potential of these substances and the conflict and complexity surrounding them.
  3. Build trust: I pledge to invest in building trust in my relationships across the psychedelic field, and repair trust where possible.
  4. Consider the gravity: I pledge to consider the implications of the choices that I make, understanding the potential consequences of unethical behavior to individuals, communities, and the psychedelic field at large.
  5. Focus on process: I pledge to make the process as important as the outcome, letting the future I hope to see guide the approach I take in getting there.
  6. Create equality and justice: I pledge to actively take steps to make the world more equitable and just.
  7. Pay it forward: I pledge to support the flourishing of the psychedelic field and the communities in which I work, and to give back should my work lead to personal gain.


As a neurodivergent, queer, psychedelic explorer, I want to make this site as accessible as possible to those with disabilities and non-neurotypical traits. My journey has been a unique one and I hope that like others before me, the information I share can help others to empower themselves to continue exploring consciousness safely, with humility and respect for themselves and all beings. This webpage has been created to provide structure for the services that I provide as an individual and to also create space where information that I share can be equally accessible to anyone without the use of social media. 

My goal is to help further the progress of helping keep the gates of diversity in the psychedelic community wide open. I am an Air force Veteran who served three years and was discharged due to a car accident and the fact that my unit in the air force discriminated because my records showed I married a woman, who was my best friend. They told me my service was voluntary and let me go after being recruited at 17, they refused to keep the promises of paying for it college tuition having snuck a bill thru that rendered the Hazelwood Act and GI bill unusable for a private school I was attending at the time to study Astrophysics at SMU. Psychedelic mushrooms helped prevent me from killing myself due to suicidal depression after feeling as if I had wasted my life chasing a vision that I thought increased my value as a human being... Instead it helped me realize my purpose which is to help other people like me and others with various diverse backgrounds utilize high-dose psilocybin experiences to conquer depression, and treat it with various techniques of empowerment and sovereign self integration techniques. I lecture about the cultural context because as a child of many cultures many of which used psychedelics, I feel compelled to demystify what is commonly considered a "white person drug" like mushrooms, in the black and indigenous communities as something our ancestors used.


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